Break time 

For many personal reasons, I’ve decided to take a break from my blog. The fun of it has been taken away and I need time to clear my head and get back to a healthy state. 

The big O word. 

Ovulation. This weekend was my first ovulation since our loss and I did not realize how much it was going to affect me. I have struggled so much mentally the last few days, today… And I’m sure this whole week I will struggle. I think it was that it actually could happen, and yet I’m being told by doctors and family and Garrett that we can’t/shouldn’t yet. 

Sounds so childish, but it just is so unfair and just like time slows down SO much when your pregnant…. It also slows down when your trying to be pregnant. We can start trying again in 3 weeks and I just have to try to stay as positive about our time and it being meant to be whenever it happens. 

The more I tell myself this, the more I’ll believe it right? 😜


I may be sick, but I still gotta take care of my family! Got it together to make an easy but healthy dinner for us.  

I made a mixture of basil spinach ricotta Parmesan mozzarella garlic salt and pepper and then sliced the chicken horizontally and put the mixture inside. Baked it in my convection oven at 400 for 30 minutes. Then just chopped some Brussels sprouts, broccoli, zucchini, red onion, and asparagus… Drizzled with olive oil and put a little garlic salt on them and baked for 20 min. Easy and delicious ❤️


Not sure if it gets more classic then this but it’s always a go to when I can’t figure out something to wear. We were going to a masquerade bunco party and I didn’t want to be over the top dressed up, but wanted to still look cute AND be comfortable since I knew I was gonna be moving around all night. I went with dark skinnies that I cuffed since I was wearing black wedges. Wedges are a way to look dressier but are SO comfortable. Paired that with a basic black Tee(tj maxx) and a silver and white statement necklace(icing) to also tie in my silver and white mask I wore. Curled my hair with a curling wand & messed up the curls some. I had on plum lipstick on as well, black smokey eye, and did a dramatic cat eye liner that is hard to see on the picture. 

Lightning speed

As I compare the ENORMOUS change just one year has brought us…. I find myself scrambling to try to slow it down. 

 How did my baby go from still having baby fat in her face and no hair to totally looking like a little girl!?! One year seamlessly keeps slipping into the next and although each stage is amazingly fun, entertaining, and challenging all in one, I hope I don’t forget all these adorable moments & quirks of havens. 

Like the fact while haven is drinking her bottle and falling asleep her feet tap like she’s hearing a beat only she can hear. 

Or her ridiculously sweet voice. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything so sweet. 

The lip sync concerts she puts on for us. 

Her talented dance moves 🙂 

Her outgoing and out there personality. She is so funny,independent, and compassionate… Sensitive but tough all at the same time. 

Getting dinners and snacks made for me by “havens kitchen”her growing imagination is fascinating. The things she comes up with are hilarious. 

I’m going to miss the moments that haven still wants to be in a sling to just lay on me or asks me “snuggle?” 

The way she tells me “luh you mommy” 

Her love for music is so fun for me to see. I always have loved music and can hear rhythm really well but never did anything with it. I see haven being very talented in this area. 

But whatever she decides, I know she is going to excel because she just seems to pick anything up. I could not be more proud of her. 🎀


For a costume tea party for Haven today I was trying to be somewhat festive 😎🎃 I went for an orange and white chevron printed flowy top(rue21)  with some black leggings and black tall boots from Ross. I wore some drop black lace earrings and curled my hair. I had some nude colored lipstick on as well to give it a more fall look. 

Love love LOVE this outfit on Haven. Havens wearing a pink + grey sweater she got for her birthday with some black tights. Wearing the same color shoes as your pants gives a very elongating look, and even though it doesn’t matter if haven looks taller or not, I think she definitely looks tall here! These boots are adorable! They’re black lace up (with zippers on the sides) with rhinestones on the sides of them. Sooooo perfect. 

Rainy Day Fun

Just because it’s rainy out doesn’t mean you can’t still have creative fun with your toddler!! 💗 this morning Haven and I had some fun painting in a different way. 

While I got the original idea from yep… Pinterest, the original “recipe” called for shaving cream + food coloring. I am not a huge fan of food coloring as I’m sure it’s just all chemicals and I had no idea how washable it would be. I guess I could have tested it first but who has time for that.  So…. I opted for shaving cream + washable neon paint. It worked soooo well and being in the bath made it so haven could be as messy as she wanted to be and the clean up was so simple.  So, although we can’t be running around and playing outside today, I still found a way to have some sensory fun and now you can too! ❤️